Data Access

Self-training resources on accessing, using and sharing data

Data Ecosystem Mapping

Creating a data ecosystem map helps to understand how data creates value. It identifies the data, data stewards and data users; the different roles they play; and the relationships between them.

ODI Data Landscape Playbook

The Data Landscape Playbook supports organisations working on data access initiatives. Data access initiatives involve collaboration between multiple stakeholders sharing and using data to solve a common challenge. This playbook provides guidance at different stages of designing and delivering a data access initiative by conducting a ‘data landscape review’.

ODI Sustainable Data Access Workbook

The Sustainable Data Access Workbook is a practical set of activities for organisations to undertake to make more informed decisions about their current and future revenue models.

Trustworthy Data Stewardship Guidebook

A guidebook that provides resources and outlines activities to help organisations assess their trustworthiness, how to build trust and trustworthiness where necessary, and how to demonstrate their trustworthiness to others.