A collection of free open source tools for data collection, analysis and visualization

Data Collection

Open tools for retrieving data from online platforms

The collection includes Python libraries for data scraping, APIs from popular online platforms, and specific tools to access them

Data Science

Python packages for data science

Collection of standard libraries for writing data science code in Python.

Digital Methods

Platforms for data manipulation and visualization

The collection includes tools that allow working with data through a graphical interface, without need to code.

Digital Art

Technologies for creative and artistic purposes

Collection of tools to support creating software in a creative context through simplified interfaces.

Algorithmic Fairness

Tools for checking bias and discrimination in machine learning

Collection of tools and libraries that allow for assessing fairness in machine learning models and algorithmic decisions.

eXplainable AI

Libraries and frameworks for explaining AI models

Selection of frameworks and libraries that allow explaining AI models covering the state-of-the-art approaches and multimodal data.