ⓘ  This is a brief description of training courses and activities provided by Mediafutures mentors during the Open Calls.

Acceleration and growth

The MediaFutures support programme aims to accelerate innovation and support emerging media initiatives. MediaFutures provides training on a range of topics including pitching skills, developing business models, social innovation, and communications skills to help organisations and individuals build sustainable and impactful projects that will continue to grow beyond the programme.

Courses may include: Pitching skills; Social Innovation and the SDGs; Public funding opportunities; Fundraising & VC; Business planning.
Providers: NMA, ZABALA

Data literacy and working with data responsibly

Over the last few years we have seen trust eroded in data as the ethical practices of those collecting, using and sharing (or not sharing) it have been brought into question. MediaFutures provides a range of practical workshops, courses and activities on the latest thinking and best practise around data, such as data ethics, GDPR, digital literacy, open data, and anonymisation. Rooted in real-life case studies, these courses range from full day introductory courses to board game sessions, and provide frameworks to help you avoid untrustworthy outcomes and think critically about data within your projects.

Courses may include: Introduction to Data Ethics; Anonymisation is for Everyone; Practical Misinformation; Datopolis; Open Data in a Day; Protection of non-personal data in data sharing a legal and ethical perspective; Introduction to GDPR; Media Literacy.
Providers: KUL; LUISS; ODI

Understanding the media landscape

It`s crucial that each project participating in MediaFutures has an indepth understanding of the media landscape in Europe, and the fundamnertal aspects of freedom of expression and the right to information. MediaFutures provides training to help startups and artists navigate this landscape, including providing an overview of the latest EU policy developments, and legal and ethical approaches to using AI based tools and softwares in the media industry.

Courses may include: Freedom of expression and right to information explained; Introduction to Intellectural Property Rights; Media and the use of technology-led automated decision making : a legal and ethical perspective.
Providers: KUL

Arts-tech collaboration

MediaFutures combines the ingenuity of entrepreneurs and the creativity of artists to accelerate innovation. Throughout the support programmes, projects will receive guidance around the best practice for establishing collaborate, cross-discipline and co-creative relationships.

Courses may include: Art-tech collaborations: best practices.
Providers: IRCAM